Beta version

Beta version of IP Messenger for macOS is now available.
This page is opened during beta testing.

If you have any feedback, please contact from web forms.

In beta-version, the source code is not open to the public.

ToDo List

  • RSA2048 + AES256 Encryption
  • RSA1024 + Blowfish128 Encryption
  • SHA-1 Signature
  • SHA-256 Signature
  • Initial Vector with PacketNo
  • Base64 binary encoding
  • Username extension with PublicKey-Fingerprint
  • Attachments info in send message encryption
  • File request & download data encryption
  • Download file content with no-encryption option
  • Destination list extension


This software requires macOS 10.12 Sierra or later.




v0.13.0beta2 : Dec 29, 2019 JST
  • Support Send/Receive Attachment List encryption
  • Send/Receive Window Default Font changed (Osaka-ono may have garbled Chinese characters)
v0.13.0beta1 : Dec 19, 2019 JST
  • Support Message body encryption
  • Support display inline images (Capture/Clipboard image from Windows ver, display only)